4th Holiday Passport Anzère

from June 27th till August 12th 2016

For children from 6 years old to teenagers 16 years old !


The holidays passport Anzère is open to every children. Activities of the holiday passport last 3 hours. Except comments, all the activities are for children between 6 and 14 years old. The meeting point is at the Post office in Anzère. 


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Descriptions of the activities


1. Treasure hunt

With your friends, you will have to find the buried treasure hide in the station. With the help of a map, you will learn to get bearings and perhaps you will earn the hunt for treasures!

  • Take with you : Good walk- sport shoes


N° activité Date Time
101 27 june 14h15 to 17h15
102 4 july 14h15 to 17h15
103 11 july 14h15 to 17h15


2. Multisports

Have fun with group games : socer, badminton, chess, slacklines…Games can vary in function of children’s desires.

  • Tae with you : Sport shoes


N° activité Date Time
201 1er july 9h to 12h
202 6 july 14h15 to 17h15
203 22 july 14h15 to 17h15


3. Aquatic games

Discover amazing games in the water propose by Anzère Spa & Wellness.

  • Take with you : Swimsuit , towels, clothes to get changed
  • Coments : It is necessary to be able to swim


N° activité Date Time
301 29 june 14h15 to 17h15
302 20 july 14h15 to 17h15
303 3 august 14h15 to 17h15


4. Big Airbag – Introduction to jumps

Learn to do amazing freestyle tricks. With 2 trampolines and the biggest Airbag of Switzerland, Grégory introduce you safely to the freestyle art.

  • Take with you: Sport shoes, light clothes


N° activité Date Time
401 4 july 9h to 12h
402 11 july 9h to 12h
403 1er august 9h to 12h
404 8 august 9h to 12h


5. Fishing

The handling of the fishing rod will have no secret for you. Have fun fishing beautiful trout in the area.

  • Take with you :Bottle, cap, fishing rod (if you have one).
  • Meeting point : Star and end at the Etang Long d’Arbaz


N° activité Date Heure
501 18 july 14h15 to 17h15
502 27 july 9h to 12h
503 10 august 9h to 12h


6. Discover the animals

Discover the interesting life of wild animals. Maybe they have left traces ? From the insignificant insect to the curious and timid deer , no more animals will have secrets for you!

  • Accompanied by Catherine Jacquemettaz

  • Take with you : Good walking shoes, backpack and bottle


N° activité Date Time
601 27 june 9h to 12h
602 25 july 14h15 to 17h15


7. Intruction to tennis

With the coach of the Tennis Club Anzère-Ayent, you can discover this sport. You wil learn to use your racket. 

  • Meeting point : Start and end at the Tennis of Anzère
  • Take with you : Sport shoes, drinks, racket (if you have one)


N° activité Date Heure
701 20 july 9h to 12h
702 10 august 14h15 to 17h15


8. Firefighter, how is it?

Start by taking place in the fire truck and then learn how to use the fire hose and to climb the ladder !

  • Take with you : Rain boots, pants and gourd
  • Accompanied by the Firemen of the Adret


N° activité Date Heure
801 22 july 9h to 12h


9. Creative workshop

2 workshops who will make girls happy. Discover painting by mixing the colours with your paint brushes. In a second workshop, you will crate your own jewelry.

  • Organised by Angèle Ruchti


N° activité Date Time
901 25 july 9h to 12h
902 5 august 14h15 to 17h15


10. Visit of the Dam of Rawyl

A great adventure who brings you inside the Rawyl dam where you can discover a multitude of tunnels.

  • Accompanied by Catherine Jacquemettaz

  • Take with you : Walking shoes, backpack, gourd, sweater and hat

  • Meeting point : Start and end at the Rawyl dam


N° activité Date Time
1001 3 august 9h to 12h


11. The irrigation channels, what is it?

This irrigation channel is beatiful in the forest. Follow course of the river, then visit the museum. 

  • Accompanied by Catherine Jacquemettaz
  • Take with you : Walking shoes, backpack, gourd, sweater and hat
  • Meeting point : Start at the ’Etang Long d’Arbaz
  • End : Irrigation channels museum in Botyre, Ayent


N° activité Date Time
1101 13 july 9h to 12h
1102 1er august 14h15 to 17h15


12. Ponies intitiation

Discover riding on your own pony. You will visit the ranch and attend the grooming of horses

  • Take wih you : Walking shoes
  • Meeting point : Start and end at the manège de Sion à Tourbillon, Sion
  • Price = 2 activities


N° activité Date Time
1201 5 august 9h to 12h
1202 12 august 9h to 12h


13. Moutain bike

Discover the beautiful mountain bike trails of the region. To start, an agility course on the village square, then we discover the region with moutain bikes!

  • Take with you : Moutain bike (preferential prices on rent at Crazy Corner Anzère)
  • Comment : From 9 to 14 years old


N° activité Date Time
1301 29 june 9h to 12h
1302 15 july 14h15 to 17h15


14. Trottinherbe

Have fun on the slopes with the big wheels of the Trottinherbe. From the middle sation of the cable car to the bottom of the cable car.  Emotions and fun guaranteed


  • Take with you : Backpack with a gourd, bike helm (if you have one)
  • Comment : From 9 to 14 years old


N° activité Date Time
1401 6 july 9h to12h
1402 15 july 9h to12h
1403 29 july 14h15 to 17h15


15. Rafting Rhône

You are looking for a first reassuring experience, discover this initiation descent between Chilps and Sion or between st-Léonard and Aproz. Ideal for the children from 6 years

  • Take with you : Swimsuit, towels, thing to get changed
  • Meeting point : Start and end at the Swissraft Activity in Sion, Rue Ste Marguerite 21
  • Price = 2 activities


N° activité Date Time
1501 8 july 9h to 12h
1502 29 july 9h to 12h


16. Archery

To became a real Robin Hood, you have to learn how to use an arc. With a little training, your arrows will touch the center of the target. 

  • Comment : Activity between 10 and 16 years


N° activité Date Time
1601 13 july 14h15 to 17h15


17. Realfly


Learn to fly in the only freefall simulator of Switzerland. Accessible to all children

  • Comment : Activity from 6 to 16 years
  • Take with you : Sport shoes
  • Meeting point : Start and end at the Realfly in Sion, Rue de la Drague 58
  • Price = 2 activities


N° activité Date Time
1701 1er july 14h15 to 17h15
1702 27 july 14h15 to 17h15



18. Candles

Learn to make your own candle !

  • Meeting point : Start and end in Fortunau-Ayent, Rte des Fleyves 15
  • Organised by Dorette Stoller


N° activité Date Time
1801 8 august 14h15 to 17h15


19. Healty cooking

What healthy ingredients can be used when you cook? Discover in a fun way, how to have a healthy feeding. 

  • Comment : Activity from 8 to 14 years
  • Organised by Sandra Mury


N° activité Date Time
1901 8 july 14h15 to 17h15
1902 18 july 9h to 12h


20. Circus

Students of the Circus school of Sierre will teach children how to make acrobatics.

  • Comment : Activity from 6 to 16 years
  • Take with you : Sport shoes


N° activité Date Time
2001 12 august 14h15 to 17h15


Dates of the activities


Day Date morning   afternoon
    9h-12h   14h15-17h15
Monday 27.06.2016 Discover of the animals   Treasure hunt



29.06.2016 VTT   Aquatic games
Friday 01.07.2016 Multisport   Realfly
Lundi 04.07.2016 Big Airbag   Treasure hunt
Wednesday 06.07.2016 Trottinherbe   Multisport
Friday 08.07.2016 Rhone discover   healthy cooking
Monday 11.07.2016 Big Airbag   Treasure hunt
Wednesday 13.07.2016 Les bisses, what is it?   Archery
Friday 15.07.2016 Trottinherbe   VTT
Monday 18.07.2016 Healthy cooking   Fisching
Wednesday 20.07.2016 Tennis   Aquatic games
Friday 22.07.2016 Firemen, how is it?   Multisport
Monday 25.07.2016 Creation workshop   Discover of the animals
Wednesday 27.07.2016 Fishing   Realfly
Friday 29.07.2016 Rafting   Trottinherbe
Monday 01.08.2016 Big Airbag   Les bisses, what is it?
Wednesday 03.08.2016 Dam visit   Aquatic games
Friday 05.08.2016 Initiation aux poneys   Creation workshp
Monday 08.08.2016 Big Airbag   Candles
Wednesday 10.08.2016 Fishing   Tennis
Friday 12.08.2016 Ponies   Circus



The price is for a family (for example 2 kids take 3 activities each, price = 6 activities).  

Number of activities


2 activities 4 activities 6 activities 12 activities
  Normal rate 60.00 fr. 100.00 fr. 135.00 fr. 225.00 fr.
-25% APA 45.00 fr. 75.00 fr. 100.00 fr. 169.00 fr.

Every child is welcome during the Holidays Activities of Anzère, as far as there is enough place. 



 For every child who do the morning and the afternoon activities, a guard is organised between 12:00 and 14:15 for 15.- per child. For lunch, kids have to take their picnic. In case of bad weather, the lunch will be taken inside. 


How to sign in ?

  En cliquant ici pour accéder au formulaire en ligne!

Ou en téléchargeant et complétant ce flyer   Un e-mail de confirmation sera envoyé à tous les participants.  



  Call us 027 399 28 00 or send an e-mail at info@anzere.ch  


Informations complémentaires

  • Supervised by the Swiss Ski School of Anzère, children will enjoy the activities safely.
  • The activities are open to all children between 6 and 14 years (some up to 16 years)
  • The Holidays Passport of Anzère is open to all children. 
  • Preferential prices are offered to children who are membre of the Parents’ Association of Ayent. 
  • Every activitiy last 3 hours. Unless otherwise stated, the appointments are set at the bus stop of the Post Anzère
  • Places being limited, it is recommended to reserve as early as possible.
  • The Holidays Passport takes place in any weather , provided there are at least 3 people registered. Some activities can be modified depending on weather conditions.
  • The  Holidays Passport Anzère is a collaboration between the Swiss Snow School of Anzère and Anzère Tourismus.